Abundant Life Dog Training

Allows Dogs To Enjoy Life ~ Empowers Them To Be Their Best
With Andrea Dugan, K9 Coach, Author, International Speaker

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Class Information

Group Class

April - October


  • All group classes meet once a week for 6 weeks
  • Total cost is $125
  • 6 dogs maximum per class

Foundation Obedience

Classes are grouped according to each dog's age and size:
Educating Your Puppy (3-6 Months)
Educating The Older Dog (Over 6 Months)

A 78-Page Study Guide is included with the Foundation Obedience class. 

Learn how to develop a positive communication system.

Teach your dog how to:
  • Quickly respond to his name
  • Ignore environmental distractions
  • Walk on leash
  • Come when called
  • Sit and Down on hand signals and verbal cues
  • Stay

Advanced Obedience


Your dog should be able to:
  • Work comfortably in a group setting
  • Sit, Down, Sit/Down Stay, Come when called, walk on a loose leash.

Low-Impact Fun Agility

  • Introduction to obstacles
  • Basic handling skills


Scent Detection

Teach your dog how to use his natural scenting abilities.


Private Lessons

All private obedience and agility lessons are $30 per lesson.


Dogs With Special Needs

Dogs see their world differently than we do.  Sometimes they respond to the environment in ways we would like to change.  My job as a professional dog trainer is to do what is best for the dog.  Not all dogs do well in a class situation.  If they are over excited by things in their environment, they cannot concentrate on the task at hand.  If they are timid or fearful around other dogs, people, or new situations, they are more concerned for their safety than learning.  Private lessons are available to help bring out the best in the dog.

Consider this option if you believe a class situation may not suit your dog's needs, or if you just want a private lesson for a personal evaluation and program plan to follow.

$75 - Initial Consultation (60 - 90 Minutes)
Study Guide included
($130 - Multiple Dog Household)
$30 - Any Additional Consultations (Per hour)